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Our Curriculum

The STEP Centre's structured school day incorporates a broad and balanced curriculum which seeks to meet the individual needs of each child through an interdisciplinary approach.

It includes:


  • Physical Development - working with gross and fine motor skills. Activities to maintain flexibility, encourage good posture and facilitate the development of balance allow the child to develop his/her optimal repertoire of movement skills.
  • Cognitive Development - using thinking skills. This underlies all areas of the curriculum. Pupils have an individual education plan and work on a differentiated primary school curriculum.
  • Communication - developing accessible ways of communicating. These include verbal (speech) and non-verbal (gesture, sign language, pictures and symbols).
  • Sensory - activities to encourage more efficient interpretation and organization of sensory information resulting in appropriate responses.
  • Oral Motor Therapy - eating and pre-verbal skills
  • Social Interaction - experiencing play and developing social relationships
  • Self Help Skills - achieving independence where possible.

Through continuous assessment the STEP Centre develops an individual intervention programme for each child. Every child works towards individually set goals based on his/her needs and level of ability.


The School for Therapy, Education and Parenting of Children with multiple disabilities. An independent school founded and managed by parents through a not-for-profit company.